My name is Ben Neale. I'm a visual designer based in Adelaide, Australia. I'm currently studying a Bachelors of Design (Communication Design) at the University of South Australia. I design every day because I love solving problems. I loved logic puzzles and enjoyed solving algebra problems all through school. 
Design as a field appeals to me because, unlike maths and puzzles, there is an entire field of solutions for any given problem. The freedom for creativity and excellence in design is endless.
My approach is to produce solutions where I immerse myself in the client's motivations, needs, wants and identity, and provide the most context appropriate solution, while making it beautiful, relevant and engaging. Most of the time when a client is asking for X, what they really need is Y, and it's my responsibility as a designer to diagnose their problem and give them the solution they didn't know they needed. This takes an eye for detail, macro thinking and a confidence in one's ability to go beyond what is expected.
I have experience in a wide range of media, from photography to videography, website design and development to print media and product design. Primarily I work within the field of design, as I see this is the area that I can make the most potential positive impact, with smarter, more efficient and better suited design solutions. 
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